Choosing the Right Graphics Cards For MMORPG Games | graphic multimedia

Gaming laptops are expensive and sometimes their price can jump over $1000. These machines must include the latest technologies. Any gamer knows that in order to enjoy the highest graphic details, he will need the latest dedicated graphic card.Fortunately there are a lot of breath taking games out there that don’t require you to pay an arm and leg on computers and licenses in order to be able to play them. These games are played on line and all you need is a fast internet connection.The development of technologies and the drop down of broadband access prices has led to the development of a new type of genre games such as massive multilayer online role playing games or MMORPG. You can play lots of these games even on netbooks.Netbooks pass by unnoticed when we speak about gaming because their basic configuration is 1.6 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, at least 160 GB HDD and 10 inch display. It is common knowledge that everything dedicated to gaming must be highly priced and must include the latest technologies.
We forget the purpose of PC games when we focus all our attention on monetary aspect. First off all people play games to relax or to compete with others.Acer Aspire One 532H is one of those net books that give you the freedom to enjoy multimedia files and games because it has an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 (Intel GMA 3150) with 64 MB of dedicated video memory.Here are just a few examples of popular MMORPG that you can play for free even on a netbook.Conquer Online has the following system requirements: 800 MHz or faster CPU, at least 128 MB RAM, at least 16 MB video RAM, 1 GB of free hard drive space. This game is compatible with Windows 98(SE)/2000/Xp Vista and Windows 7.Conquer Online is an MMORPG set in the ancient mythological China. Your hero will slay monster and complete a lot of captivating quests. The graphic of this game is very attractive. In order to enjoy all the details of the graphic you need to download and install the game client on your net book.MMORPG and online games in general raise a question for many parents of players. That is the problem of addiction and neglecting the social life and all other responsibilities the player has. This is a serious issue for a lot of specialists such as psychologists, game creators, teacher and many related professionals.Some game developing teams have resolved this problem in a very fun way. Every task the character has to perform in order to level up and gain experience or items takes at least several minutes. The player can put his character to perform several tasks that will be executed in a certain order. In the time the character from the game performs the tasks from his to do list the player can do other tasks offline. Such type of game is The West. This game is developed by a German crew. Here you can be and adventurer, soldier, worker or duelist. You can play this game from a netbook.

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